Sunday, November 11, 2007


Hunter had her "It's time to make a deal" competition at Cerner Saturday morning. Her team ended up with $370.00 split 3 ways, $123.33 to each. They picked a briefcase with $500.00 in it but missed the answer so they were done after 3 questions. Hunter was pretty upset-but she was reminded that some teams went home without even playing or winning anything. She got over the $500.00 loss by getting Aunt Kelly to bid on a Razor phone on ebay (thank you Kelly). Hasn't even gotten the check yet...burnt a hole right in that pocket. Oh, did I say that Hunter already had a Razor phone once....yeah, being "old enough to make her own decisions" she traded it for a different phone with someone. WELL, this will be the second razor she will be paying for. I hope she learned her lesson.

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