Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bad mommy moment

I was so upset at my son last night. SO UPSET. Hunter had a concert at school at 700pm, she had to be there at 630. Well, Tucker did nothing but screams and crying because I would not let him down. I stood up with him. Then he kept smacking me on the face. I held his hands down so he could not move them and screams once again. SOOO I had to leave. We had not heard one single song. I was so upset and frustrated with him. He was fussy all night, didn’t want down, didn’t want up. I wanted to see Hunter’s concert but didn’t get to. Todd was working but I called him from the car anyway to complain and make known how upset I was. WELL, the static on the phone was horrible and we could not talk. (T-Mobile was having phone problems, dropped calls and static, cutting in and out) I couldn't even take it out on Todd and the fact that he was not there to help me. My frustration just built from there. Tucker was now locked in his car seat and QUIET AS A MOUSE!!! UGHH I know he gets frustrated, his form of communication is grunting and moaning. But man does that drive me crazy. Sometimes you just want to yell…….bad mommy I know.
OK so on the complete other end of the spectrum….this morning I dropped him off at daycare. He is transitioning into the Yellow room, the 2 year old room. So I had to drop him off there instead of the Green room where all his buddies are. I thought the worst. I had forgotten about the transition. I didn’t bring toys from home, didn’t bring anything to comfort him if he had a hard time…binky and that was it. Do you know this boy sat right up to the table and did fine. There were two other kiddos there, a girl and a boy that started right in asking questions about the new kid. Tucker sat right there, even tried to share his book he was looking at that Ms Jill gave to him. He gave me kisses and everything. No cries, no nothing. I wanted to cry myself, my boy is getting so big. Of course I started a guilt trip about last night and being so upset with him.

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