Monday, October 08, 2007

Entry #7

WOW, I find it very hard to blog every single day. Each day seems to be like the last with a few mile stones in between. Tonight Tucker is a cranky cranky boy. He did, however, show me he can get on top of the kitchen table if he is standing on the bench. We were eating and he was standing between Hunter and I when he hiked his leg and up he went. Man, how scary that is now...we wanted him to do things so badly, now look at all that opens to him. Climbing on things, falling off things, growing up to be a big boy.....our recent saying is "be careful what you wish for, you just might get it". How true it is. Of course wishing for lots of money didn't happen...darn it! We are certainly happy Tucker is progressing that is for sure, gone are the days of laying him down and walking away to find him in the same spot. Now we are lucky if he is in the same room we left him in.
Tonight we also found a few minutes before Sign class to dance in the living room to his CD. He just laughed and laughed, a gut laugh, deep and true. Every time it would stop (before the next song would start) he would run his hand up and down his opposite arm as fast as he could...more music!!! Then the next song would start and we would be silly again and dance, what a time. I remember dancing with Hunter along the same lines when she was little, jumping around and being silly. Makes you glad to have a child that is young enough to let you do stupid things without telling you so... :)

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