Tuesday, October 02, 2007

31 for 21 (Entry #1)

October is Downs Syndrome Awareness Month.....I have signed up to post for the 31 days of October along with many other families. It will definately be a challenge for me, as you all well know, I lack in posting sometimes. I believe that this will add our name to a list of blogs that will show up when anyone is searching for news or information on Downs Syndrome. They can read about Tucker and the awesome person that he is. Yes there are challenges but the good out weigh the bad by MILLIONS. Our son is our Superman, his eyes and smile light up our days and nights. He is our son first and foremost.
For the Buddy walk this year I made Tucker a shirt. Tucker Bryant for PRESIDENT!! I made him a button that said Vote for Tucker that he wore with his picture on it. Maybe he will never be president but if he was the world would have peace, love and lots of play time.
I hope you enjoy my blogs over the next month. Get it Down!

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