Tuesday, October 23, 2007

21 things I love about Tucker

OK, I finally got my lap top up and running while in my hotel room. What a feasco! I can now post without being pressured to be fast.... I wanted to post this on the 21st Entry for 31 for 21 but didnt get the chance....So here it is.
1. I love that I rock my son to sleep every night...even at 2 yo.
2. I love that at 2 yo I still dont have a completely "child proofed" house
3. I love that my son has dimps on both sides of his smile
4. I love that my son snuggles and loves to be held.
5. I love that my son is not yet making me chase him around to get medicine down.
6. I love that my son loves his bath.
7. I love that my son has not yet figured out to raise the toilet lid to play in the water.
8. I love that my son loves his dad...and cannot wait to see him or be held by him.
9. I love that he loves to flip pages in books.
10. I love his smile.
11. I love his eyes and the way they light up before the smile comes to his face.
12. I love his hands and how he puts them on my neck as I humm him to sleep.
13. I love that he giggles for no reason, just out of the blue.
14. I love his feet and the big "sandle toe" that he has.
15. I love the way he does the actions to "Itsy Bitsy Spider"
16. I love that he loves me no matter what...cranky, bad hair, bad breathe and all.
17. I love that he was born to Todd and I.
18. I love that he is so determined when attempting something, try again we say-you can do it.
19. I love his reddish blonde hair and how it hits his collar in the back.
20. I love that he has dirty diapers, 4-5 times a day, that means he is working internally. :)
21. I love his heart....

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