Monday, September 17, 2007

Count Down to BUDDY WALK!!!

OK, I checked the site today. They have 4265 walkers and 199 teams!!! How AWESOME is that. They have almost reached their 350,000 dollar goal. So far, monies counted, is 234,000, 72% of the total they want. It is amazing how people come together when it is their passion. I am already teary ready to have a full heart on Saturday. These kids and this cause is amazing.

Speaking of amazing, Tucker climed the stairs yesterday!!!! Yup, I was in his room changing his sheets and I heard him, he sounded very close. I stepped out into the hall and looked down the stairs, he was on the platform working his way up the rest of the stairs. OMG-I about fell over!!! Todd and I watched him last night go all the way up, it is like 20 stairs altogether. He had to sit and rest a few times, Todd was at the top and I stood behind him, but he did it. He is growing so fast!!

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Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

Good Job Tucker! Now mommy needs to buy a gate! :)