Sunday, September 30, 2007

Busy busy busy

Now that the walk and birthday are out of the way. Todd's birthday is coming up and we are having a Halloween costume party!! We are very excited and hope it turns out to be a good time for all.

We had some special inserts made for Tucker for his shoes. He tends to lay his heals down as he stands up. These "surestep" inserts will help give him the ankle strength he is lacking. They will be in on the 11Th. We also say ENT last week. They would love to take his adenoids out but since he is a heart baby we are going to try a few other things first. We are on a steroid drop in his nostrils 3 X's a day right now. If that doesn't work they will add Singular to his daily medicine regiment. They are thinking his nasal passages are small and if there is any inflammation at all it causes even more breathing problems. The steroid should help but it isn't a long term remedy. We will do a follow up when we finish our two week course of the steroid. I got a gate to the stairs. In the house, however, we are unable to block Tucker completely from the stairs because the first step has no wall on he can get to the platform but not up the rest of the stairs. Luckily that is only 2 steps. He is going to have to learn to come down, today he attempted to come down head first with his hands holding him up, he found that he didn't like that way. The little sh-- wont stay off the platform though. That was the game today, I would go and get him off, put him in his play room and he would go right back and then make lots of noise so I would come and get him and do it all over again. He thought that was the funniest thing. He is becoming a little defiant..image that. I don't want to spank but beside holding his hands down to his side or in front of him folded he continues with the behavior...hitting, pulling at his tube,,,etc. SOOO, I need to figure that one out.

Got his OUT OF THE BOX learning program in the mail on Friday. I sat and wrote out the flashcards today for about 2 hours. I think I have them all done up to the point when you start sentences and making books out of the words we have learned. This is an 18 month learning program, if I start it now, he will have a full year in before he goes to school next year. I am very excited to see how he handles it and IF it really works and helps. I have heard wonderful things about it. I attended a seminar on it some time back and with his birthday funds finally bought it. Thank you everyone!!! I keep you posted on how it is going. We wont know really how it works until he starts talking. This program is supposed to teach him to read before he will be able to talk.

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