Sunday, August 26, 2007

A few tricks....

OK, soooo Tucker learned that the wipes come out one by one by one by one.....he has played in the toilet for the first time (way to go sissy for leaving the lid up)....he has learned to play in the sink when we wash his hands.....he has learned the power of hitting someone across the face (for which we are working on very hard to break).....he has learned to roll and skootch away when you tell him your going to get him (so Darn cute the way he "runs" away)....he has learned to give hugs and when he does he really squeezes and holds on around your neck......he has learned, that as soon as you release the diaper, his hands can go into "diaper area" and grab a handful (whether that is poop or whatever depends on the diaper) He is learning all the stuff that we had prayed he would, baby stuff, toddler stuff and most of all....LOVE

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