Monday, July 23, 2007


OK, well Tucker has been ill for some time now. We have done two rounds of antibiotics over the course of 3 or 4 weeks. His last script ran out on Thursday last week. Last night we were back at 102 fever and congestion beyond laying him down. As soon as the medicine is gone, he starts being sick and miserable again.
Went to Mercy today and we were referred to an ENT for testing of Tucker's sinus'. In Downs kids, chronic sinusitis is very common. Tucker really didn't have a chance, Todd and I both suffer from sinus problems. I too went to the doctor today. I have had a soar throat for a week and it has all but gone away. The doc put me on antibiotics also. SO, I will call ENT tomorrow and make an appointment.

Oh yeah, he weighs 24 pounds 2 oz. He has gained about a pound over the course of 3 weeks. That is good and bad-of course. Downs kids tend to put on the pounds and be heavy, but he also needs to be gaining to grow appropriately. Eating as usual, some days non stop, some days NONE.

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