Friday, May 04, 2007

Meet and Greet

We attended Chuckie Cheese last night with some other families with children with Downs Syndrome. What a time we had. We got to meet some new friends and parents. Tucker enjoyed riding in the cars and trucks with Hunter, oh yea and the pizza. He didn’t care much for the animals that sing and move on stage, I was surprised he didn’t pay more attention to the music. There was so much action going on around us, meeting people, that he was pretty busy making friends.
I have posted some pictures of our new friends. Katie (the blonde posing pretty for the picture), Hannah (sticking her head out of the helicopter with Hunter), Shelby (has the same issues with the heart and feeding tube as Tuck does-we had a lot to talk about with her mommy)Tristan (Shelby’s brother)(pictured with Tucker and Hunter with the stroller), Noah and Eli (brothers pictured with Hunter), Alex (has the bib on in the highchair) and of course Hunter and Tucker.
We look forward to getting to know more friends at the next activity-which I believe is at a water park!!!!

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