Sunday, May 13, 2007


OK. Tuck has become a camera magnet. Every single time he sees the camera he quits the cuteness and comes a rolling. I have to be sneaky or I get half of the body, or a head shot (as you see up top). The funny thing is , he wants to see the picture after I take it. He puts his face right up to the view box and checks it out.
He has been doing so much more pulling up (the pictures here are of him pulling up while I am in the chair) He pulls up while you are sitting on the floor, on the toys and coffee table. He still has not figured out he can pull up and stand in his crib. He absolutely gives hugs and kisses on asking for them. He knows NO, doesn't like the word and has a face to show you he doesn't like it when you tell him NO. We moved his bottles to 4 times a day instead of 5 times. We are trying to stretch his belly so that it is bigger and can hold more. In turn, we hope hunger will set in and mouth feeds will be more quantity. So far it is working great. He eats 3 meals (still not full baby food jars) and lots of snacks in between. He sometimes takes some cereal before bed too. He is up and ready for his bottle at 6 am each and every morning. No sleeping in for US, not even on the weekends. UGH. Yesterday he took one nap, for one hour-it was a busy day. Normally though his naps are slowly getting smaller and less of them.
All around he is doing great!!!! Moving up to those toddler things. Wants to be moving all the time.

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