Monday, April 02, 2007


Tucker is growing at a great rate. He is not gaining like the nutrionist would like so she has added a tablespoon of heavy cream to his bottles for the extra calories. He grew another 1/4 ". He is like 31 " tall now, still 22 pounds. He is sitting up on his own now, getting around very nicely. He mimics all kinds of noises and is a very noisy baby-always screaming and moaning. We have to raise the sides of his crib now due to the sitting up thing. He still has not figured out that he can pull up on other things, not just your fingers, but it wont be long. He pulled himself up in the tub the other day holding onto the side of a towel. He LOVES to stand!!! He is learning to pick up his feet-still no steps. He has a very happy personality with lots of laughs, smiles, kisses and claps. He knocks over blocks, still lacks the control to stack. We are still trying to get him to sign a few things-no luck so far. He puts things into a container and knows how to get them out. He tastes anything but doesnt like much. Crunchy, crispy, full of flavor, hit the taste buds with a zing foods are the best. Bland and no texture go no where but in raspberries out of the mouth.

Hunter started soccer. She won her first game and none since. This is her first year playing soccer since she was 4 or 5 years old. She is the goalie-for now. She really needs to be out on the field, she is agressive and good at kicking the other girls in the shins...hee hee. Her grades are all A's. She has a little boyfriend (also named Hunter) she has been "dating". (whatever dating means) He has a brother, Miles, who is 3 with special needs also. I think they find great comfort in having someone that has that in common. He really is a good kid from a good family.

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Hey Karen,
Just wanted to say HI, and Wow I cant wait to see him in person. Ive got to see him grow with all the picts. We miss you guys so much! We're getting ready to move again soon...So I dont know if Ive told U or not I have a myspace so you can see picts of Dylan and Us...We need to get together this summer some time...You can leave messages on Myspace and I'll get them...My account is...