Tuesday, April 24, 2007

12 hours....

OK, I have already had some tears, worrying about leaving on this vacation. Every mommy knows what leaving for an extended period of time feels like,,,, mine seems to be magnified 100 percent. I have accounted for everything. Signed medical releases, lists and lists of things on "what ifs", medicines and how much, extra diapers, extra milk, how to give a bath-like my mom (who had 7 kids of her own) doesnt know how to give a bath. I dont do it to offend, it makes me feel better to spell it out.
We are packed (as much as we are going to be). Aunt Kelly just walked in the door to stay the night. We will be up and out of here by 5am to catch our 6 am flight.
Keep us in your prayers, for a safe return and health and safety for those back home while we are traveling.
Kisses to all....I will have lots to post Tuesday next week.

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