Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Scooting 'cross the floor

Tucker has sat up a few times on his own. I don't know how this boy does it but he will be on his belly, do the splits and sit up from the middle of his body. YUP, hardest way possible of doing it but easy for him. He lacks the arm power to push himself up from the side so he comes up the middle and uses those tummy muscles to do most of the work. These pictures show tuck on his belly-he rolled and maneuvered to the hallway from the dinning room,then he is sitting up (through the middle), the he proceeded to scoot backwards by laying his head on his legs and pushing with his arms. He started where he was sitting up and pushed all the way back to the wall,,,,all on his bottom. He was ticked when he couldn't go any further because of the wall.

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