Monday, March 05, 2007

Older by the minute

Today I turned 36 years old! Yup, I actually said it. “36, only four more years until the big 4 0,” Todd reminded me today. I guess it is good that I don’t feel old although the numbers are getting up there, funny how they go up and never come down, kinda like our weight as we get older.

I reflect today on my life and where I am, Man it is good to be me. I have 4 beautiful children, good children. I have a husband that gives his heart to his family each and every day. I have a beautiful home that was a dream come true. I have a job that I have been in for 10 years, YUP 10 years in November--man how the time flies.

I started my day with a kiss from my husband and notes all over the house from Hunter saying Happy Birthday. They were everywhere I went this morning,,,, the frig, the shower, the breakfast bars, my purse, the car-I am so glad she got some of my creativity. Tucker was up at 6, fed and back down by 7 and I was to work 10 minutes was a perfect morning.

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Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

Happy Birthday!