Monday, February 05, 2007

Little Update

Tucker has been sick. Not a lot of picture taking opportunities. He has had congestion but also a touch of a tummy ache. He has been without an Occupational Therapist for a few weeks, Ms Allison had her baby, so we are in limbo until the new gal kicks in. He is taking a break, which is OK since he has been under the weather. We did have a cardiologist appointment last week. He got "kuddos" from Dr Kaine. He weighed 24 pounds...YEA, not missing much of meals. It is good though, that shows us he is growing-so is his hair. It is starting to curl up around his ears-Dad has been dieing to cut it again.
Like I said not much to report. Hunter has a Valentine Party here at the house Saturday for 11 of her friends. Todd and I are looking forward to our Cancun trip, final dates are March 25-30th. Thank goodness for Grandma and Aunt Kelly for coming to our rescue so we could go. They will be staying at the house so Hunter can be at home and continue with her daily routine. I guess we will owe them BIG TIME. I will make sure all doctors know of our leaving town so mom can feel comfortable. Tucker loves Grandma, she will have no problems I am sure.
The house is coming along. Todd is getting ready to start putting up the walls in the basement. It will be a slow process but the end result will be the same=another bath to clean and bedroom for guests!! :) It will be nice to have it done so the T.V can go down there with all the noise and messes that come along with it. I will be glad about that.

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