Sunday, January 21, 2007


Nothing new is really going on. It snowed this weekend about 6 inches so we have been home. I have taken up with our camcorder once again and in turn have neglected the digital photos. I DID get these, however. Tucker is moving so much anymore they are hard to get. He knows what the camera is and wont stay where he is, he has to move closer to it. So I have been getting a lot of back of the head pictures that are no good. My camera battery is dead so these photos are from earlier in the week. Today would have been a good day to have it working too, Todd and Hunter made a snowman and Tucker was his usual handsome self.
He is taking 30 mils (one ounce) of whole milk mixed with his Neocate now. He is tolerating it so far. He tried broccoli, cheese and carrots this weekend and loved it. He also tried Oatmeal made with whole milk and loved it as well. I am glad we have had no reactions so far. We are not going fast with it, it is 10 mils (about a tablespoon) at a time increase towards possibly one day a whole bottle (or feed bag) of whole milk.
Tucker continues to surprise us every day. This handsome boy is growing in leaps and bounds. Grandma Tucker bought him some 24 month outfits, we thought for sure they were going to be WAY too long and big. NOT even close. They fit perfect. Little room in the belly but no room left in the torso. He has hit another growth spurt I believe. He has taken a few big boy baths, sitting up, without the chair around him. Talk about high and mighty. He thinks he is the stuff doing that. Loves to splash the water in his face. He has learned to go forward in his walker now. He learns something new, big or small, every day. He loves his basketball goal, he plays with it all day long. He holds onto the ball until he gets it in the hoop for the lights and sounds to go. He is working on turning pages in a book..the one in the pictures is his favorite. It sings and counts to him.

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