Monday, November 27, 2006

Update now, pictures later

Tucker is sick. All the running around here and there has put my little boy into a coughing, cold, running nose, miserable, feverish trance. I stayed in all weekend (after the holiday) with him. He would not let me put him down yesterday for anything. It was a terrible night last night, no sleep, just crying. We have an appointment today at 2:30 at Mercy. I am sure it will entail a chest xray...he sounds very congested and "junky".
We did, in all the home time, get the trees up. The big one in the dinningroom, Tuck's in his room, Hunter's in hers and an extra one to put wherever. Todd put lights on the outside of the house. It looks rather festive.


Anonymous said...

did u get to see Todds side of the family at all? How about Sheena or Brett?

Anonymous said...

yeah we got to c the family believe it or not and we were really Happy!!!!!!!