Monday, November 06, 2006

Speedy quick...

WOW, Tucker has never left the hospital in 3 days after a surgery...he is growing stronger as we now know. He is home. Surgery went well. He has quite the battle wound, stitches from left to right above his belly button. His G tube is placed above the stitches.
We had a rough night last night, he cannot seem to get comfortable. I hope tonight is a better night.
His face is healing nicely, he looks so different without that nasty ol tape. We will be able to take holiday pictures without a tape mark this year...YEA!!!!
There is definately a learning curve with this new tube. It opened on me last night during the night and again this morning causing Tuck's belly to empty. Gotta figure out a better way of taping it down so it doesn't cause the lid to come off. He also needs to get used to having something coming from his belly. He tugged and scratched at it all night last night. Needlesstosay we have had to invest in some onsies so that we can hide everything under it. Mr. Curious would have it pulled out in a minute flat...
Thank you everyone for thinking of us...he is doing great. I will take some cute pictures free and post them tomorrow or tonight.

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