Thursday, November 30, 2006

First sign of Winter

We had our first ice storm last night....what a wind! The tree that I have on the front step would not stay in place no matter what...blew over every time it was set back up. I fell and busted my "hiney" while walking to the car this morning...yeah I am sure the neighbors got quite a giggle on my behalf. I know I would have if it hadn't been so embarrassing.
I wanted to take a minute and post a few new things Tucker is doing. First of all, tooth number nine has shown its little peak through the gum. Bless his heart, Tuck has an aweful time with these teeth coming in like they do. He did nothing but chew on things last night, anything he can get in there to help give some relief. He has learned that those things in his mouth can bite. He kept trying to put my arm in there the other day to bite....I would tell him no, he thought it was a fun game and he would try again. (just a little bit of the onery to come)
He has also learned to shake his head no. It is so funny. It started a few days ago when I tried to put his binky in his mouth. He obviously did not want it.
He has also started laying his head on our shoulder, bashful or showing a little hugging action. As soon as we pick him up, his head goes to our shoulder. He only does it to those he feels comfortable with-for now anyway. It is so adorable and melts our hearts when he does it.
We have eaten Ritz crackers, chunks of pear, we even tried some oven baked sweet potatoes while at Grandma Bryants for Thanksgiving. (He didnt care for them as much as I thought he would) We continue to try and introduce different textures and tastes.
His sleep patterns still stink. If he sleeps all night it is a miracle. Usually nights entail atleast 2 wake ups per night...screaming wake ups. Makes it hard on everyone. It will be nice as he gets older and sleeps more....please let him sleep more,,,please.:)
Santa is coming to the house on Saturday to meet Tucker. I will have lots of pictures to post.

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