Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Ok everyone, I know I have not posted anything for a while. I will try to download the pictures I have taken over the past week tonight. Life in teh Bryant family is BUSY to say the least. The new article came out in the St Joseph paper today and the Northland papers will run it on Thursday this week. We have a contract on the house, finally, after 6 months. We have closing on both houses on Oct 12th. We have been busy doing things to make the closing smooth on both this week, not to mention the back and forth with Hunter in school up there. We are pushed to our limits on travel and getting things done.
Just wanted to let everyone know we are still alive and kicking...just really busy. I promise to post something tonight. Tucker has opened his presents and is playing with the new toys...and loves them. Thank you so much again for sharing our special day with us.

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