Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Little update

I am scheduling an appointment with a G.I. doctor at KU Med for Tucker. I have heard nothing but great things about this doc. Several Downs families have used him to help get rid of the feeding tube. As you can see, Tucker has pulled his tube one too many times and his face is tore UP!
We have 4 teeth and working on 2 more...yup TWO. He has his first molar all the way through-wow what a big surface tooth that is! Now, he has his first front tooth and is currently working on the other top molar. We can feel the first of the "peaks" coming through. I tried the teething tablets tonight. I haven't noticed much difference yet. I also put some tylenol on board. He slept well last night but is up earlier each day it seems. I have learned to go to bed as soon as Tucker is O.U.T. Daddy hasn't learned that yet......many more early mornings and he will I am sure.

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