Friday, September 22, 2006

Finally...the weekend again

Life is so busy anymore. The house is officially sold...sign out front and everything. Now we can pack and leave boxes everywhere and not have to worry. We are jumping through hoops with the new lender, and doing inspections and more inspections on both houses. I will be glad to get it all done and settled. It seems we went from one whirl wind to another. It will be nice to sit back and enjoy our home, our kids and each other that is for sure.
Hunter loves school....I don't love driving back and forth or the gas money it takes to do so but she is benefiting. She has a little click of friends and has made a great transition-even has a little boyfriend already (Jake).
Tucker is becoming quite the little man. His personality is starting to shine and come through. He is just dyeing to be mobile....he kicks and squirms all the time. He loves to look you straight in the eyes. His eating is much better this week, he loves real people food-mashed potatoes from KFC, pudding, oatmeal and stage 3 veggies. I am going to try mac and cheese this weekend. So far the milk in these items have not been an issue. We have even been giving him some water from a straw after meal times and he is doing very well, no choking. I hope this is the start of good things to come. Maybe we can have the tube gone sooner rather than later.
Todd and I? Well, we are just trying to hold it together until we can get to Cancun in January. YUP. We have been invited and have excepted. Aunt Kelly has been gracious enough to say she will take Tucker-of course with Grandma T. and Carla to help out if needed. Children's Mercy will be notified and everything will be planned in case of some "emergency" but I don't foresee anything. Kelly will do great and Todd and I will be all new people when we return...... a vacation long overdue!!!

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