Sunday, August 20, 2006


Unofficially Tucker is 29.5 inches long and 22 pounds. This was done with a squirmy baby but as accurate as I could get.
Tucker is growing so much. We are working on sitting on our own and crawling. He jabbers all the time, has two teeth, he grabs at everything, and is VERY limber. He always has hit feet in his mouth. (show off) Our physical therapist will be bringing us some special pants for him to start wearing to keep his hips together while he sits and crawls. Right now his hips spread and he falls between his legs (to the front). This is due to low muscle tone and loose joints that is found in a lot of Downs kids. He hates the pants-she put them on him last week- but will help tremendously in going forward. His birthday is right around the corner. Amazing how the time has gone.

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Anonymous said...

I bet you never thought i looked at this.. lol... im down at school and i checkin in on looks like hes doin good ..we always like the good news.. hope to talk to you soon tell tuck spencer says
- spencer -