Saturday, August 05, 2006

Oh My Goodness!

I was running a little late tonight for Tucker's 530pm spoon feed. We started about 600 and couldnt shovel it in fast enough. While my head was turned, he pulled the bowl over to him and dumped it out. If you will notice one picture he has one color spoon and in the next a different....that is because I was feeding him with one and he had one to keep, then he took mine when the dump over occurred. He amazes me everyday....was astonished. I never thought he would reach across the tray to get that dish. He was running his hand back and forth in the food on the tray after he dumped it. I guess I will have to watch myself much more. He is growing stronger every day. It wont be long and he will be sitting on his own and army crawling. He gets around very well actually with just rolling from one place to the other. Way to go TUCK TUCK.

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