Tuesday, August 08, 2006

New Friend

Through our journey with Tucker I have met so many people. People with stories as heart tugging as ours. I have to raise my hat to all these parents and families that have gone through what we have. What a tremendous boost they give me, to know that things are good for them now even with the rough start.

This is Piper. I met her mom when I sent out emails begging for help with this expensive formula for Tucker. Piper is 7 yo and is on the cover of the St Louis Downs Syndrome flier. She participates in pageants and she wins! She wins big. How could she not, look how absolutley adorable she is. I have only started emailing her mom, Michele, and already feel a great bond with her. She has written a story for the Chickens Soup book that will be coming out for the disabled. I hope it makes the cut and gets published. Thank you Piper and Michele.

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