Thursday, July 13, 2006

Pediatrician Update

Tucker went in yesterday for his 6 month shots and an endocrine appointment;they follow his thyroid function. Many things were discussed in regard to his feeding. It was decided that we would try a new formula, Enfamil with Iron, milk based and see how he does. We were to continue to try to spoon feed but that it wasn't as important as the milk he is getting. Today, however we received call from cardiology, they are concerned with Tuck's weight gain. So, we are taking his feeds to every 4 hours instead of every 3,cutting out the midnight feed and adding 20 oz. to the others. Which when it breaks down, it takes away a full bottle feed a day. We are to work on spoon feeds 3 times a day and if he eats really well not to add milk on top of it. We will really be pushing the sip cup now, at least to give him something to wash the food down with. We are still going to try to get him off the Neocate and onto a milk based formula. If we get bloody stools again, we will discontinue, go back to Neocate and try again in 4-5 months. An all new regimen.

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