Monday, July 10, 2006

New Parent Breakfast

We were finally able to attend a Downs Syndrome New Parent Breakfast put on by the Guild on Saturday. They have one every 3 months and Tucker has been sick or in the hospital for all of them prior to this one. (Todd and I had attended one while I was pregnant) What an awesome group of parents and support. There were eight other families there with their children. Three of them were there when we went for the first time, their children now 15-18 months old. All doing different things, all at different times, all with a story of thier journey. It is nice to have a resource of parents who have gone before where Todd and I have yet to go. These kids are amazing! Stumbling blocks become stepping stones. I have always said Tucker does things on his own time, his own way......and slowly but surely we will get where he needs to be. He is our inspiration, all that he has gone through in his 10 months of life-things we will never have to overcome. All I can say is.....someone is watching over him and we are blessed!

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