Monday, July 17, 2006

New Formula-not so good

Well, we went to the new Enfamil formula over the weekend. One full feed and the start of another is all it took for Tucker to get sick and be sick all day Saturday. BACK TO NEOCATE!!! Expensive but worth it at this point. He was back to taking feeds and feeling better Sunday.

Tucker slept in his own bed ALL night last night. I woke up at 400am and shot out of bed thinking something had to be wrong. No wimpers, no cries, no movement...he was there in his bed, sound asleep, laying in the same position. I was shocked!!! We had ventured out in the heat a few times this weekend, we had to go and visit Aunt Kelly. The heat is terrible. Even when you start the car to cool it off it is hot. When we got home, diaper boy came out of his clothes. The house is cool but Tuck requires Fridged!!! He is so funny, you can cover him up several times because he is cold to the touch, and he imediately kicks the covers off. Even when he is sound asleep, as soon as he feels those covers, up come the legs kicking and off the covers.

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