Thursday, July 06, 2006

Gr-r-r-eat Report

Downs clinic went really well. Tucker is in the 95% for his weight and 75% for his height. He just might be 6'10 Hee Hee! They were very impressed with his progress. Babies with heart defects have troubles progressing and thriving...Tucker has a major heart defect and is doing things of a 6 mo. old and some things at his current age of 9 months. We recieved all kinds of kudo's about his care and growth. What a major pat on the back. (Sometimes it gets very overwhelming and we think we are getting no where.)

Tuck is followed by so many doc's at CMH that clinic was kind of repetitive but a very good resource. It follows the Down's side of Tuck and how he is progressing. Hearing test was a "PASS". We don't go back until he is 18 months.

Meanwhile, last night we got Tuck a high chair. What a purchase. He sat right in it and played with his toys. The tray works for keeping toys within reach instead of on the floor around him. It tilts for less head control and also straight as we progress. I fed him some dutch apple dessert and a cookie-he did wonderful. He would drop the cookie and find it on the tray, pick it up and put it back in his mouth. (fine motor skills at work) Before we would have to put it in his hand because it would end up on the floor around his bouncy seat, or under him somewhere. He had rolled belly to back before but on accident, however this weekend he mastered it. Back and forth he went. He prefers the right side but rolling none the less. We are working on patty cake and peekaboo.

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