Monday, July 24, 2006

Busy week

This week is full of appointments. On top of Occupational therapy and Physical therapy Tuck has a cardiology appointment Wednesday and an appointment at Mercy South on Tuesday. Another busy week.
This weekend was busy also. Aunt Kelly is having a garage sale this weekend so we hauled a bunch of stuff up there. The big move is just a few months away and will be here before we are ready for it. I attempted to get some of the clean up and hauling off done this weekend. Tucker was a trooper. He loves the car rides and his cousin Travis just loves him to pieces. As soon as we walk in the door, he takes Tuck. They will be great buds I am sure.
I will post some pictures later tonight. I have some comparison shots, remembering the things we worked on with Tuck and now the stuff he is doing. He has grown so much and learned so much and overcome so much. I cannot beleive he will be 1 year old in about 1.5 months. Man o' Man.
I want to thank Aunt Carla for watching Tuck and Hunter on Saturday night so Todd and I could get out. Todd received some Poison/Ciderella tickets for Fathers Day and the concert was this past Saturday. We had a very nice time getting out and having some "couple" time. Let me tell you though, there are a lot of people who refuse to leave the 80's......very interesting people.

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