Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Therapy Update

We had a meeting today with our Missouri First Steps representative, Toni. First Steps offers coordinated services and assistance to young children with special needs and their families. First Steps is designed for children, birth to age 3, who have delayed development or diagnosed conditions that are associated with developmental disabilities. After age 3, Tucker will be put into the school system where he will get continued assistance.
Todd and I, along with Toni, went over Tucker's existing schedule and what we would like to see accomplished over the next 6 months. He will be getting occupation therapy every week like normal, but in addition to that, physical therapy has been added weekly also. On top of those two we will be seeing a Speech/Oral motor therapist. She will help with learning to eat and talk correctly. Our goals are to get rid of the feeding tube, learn to sit up, build leg strength and learn to crawl. That is a lot of stuff to accomplish but not out of reach. We will work just as hard as he does to help him reach his potential. What parent wouldn't!!!
The home health nurse has been d.c'd (discontinued) now that we are past the follow up cardio appointment. We have eye appointments, endocrine and the Downs clinic visits along with shots coming up in the next few weeks. If it wasn't for all the things to do, I could actually rest every once in a while. The joke among Todd and I is "we can sleep when we are dead" :) hee hee
All kidding aside, I really wouldn't change a thing, Tucker is perfect the way he is. He fits nicely into our family and we love him to pieces! (not that that isn't obvious by the photo's on this site or anything)

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