Friday, June 02, 2006

Kudo's To Tucker

We had our Mercy follow up visit yesterday. Chest x-ray and echocardiogram were all in Good Report! No medicine changes. We go to see the cardiologist on the 14th for another follow up. His incision is healing nicely and we have a "go" on physical therapy. He has started to eat by mouth once to twice a day. He isnt taking a bunch but a little more each time. I started trying a sippy cup. He kinda chokes on the juice even though I have thickened it. Occupational therapy comes today, I need to check with her on what type of cup would be best and if I have the liquid thick enough. I am really pushing sitting up straight. Tuck likes to recline back so we get a lot of arching when we try. Baby steps towards the end goal. He has much more energy and in turn does NOT want to sleep. Sleep patterns right now are non-existant. They assured us that would change and settle back down. I guess what I am trying to say is, Tuck is doing great! He has no oxygen now, we weaned him off a day or two after we got home. The feeding tube will be there until we get him to eat enough on his own. We dont want to put him through another surgery to get rid of it....sooo pictures will still have it in them, unless he pulls it out. Then we can snap some before we have to put it back in. Hopefully we can get some good pictures on this site and less health updates in the upcoming crawling pictures, and sitting pictures, and Tuck eating french fries. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers.......God bless everyone for being with us on our journey.


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