Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Tucker Update 05/17/06

Karen called this morning to give me a quick update to post on her site. She remains at the hospital and will try to get a more detailed post on the site this evening.

Tucker was in surgery yesterday from about 8am to 1pm. The longest part of it all was getting through the scar tissue from the first surgery; that took 2 hours. He did have to be put on a breathing ventilater and heart bypass, but came off both and seemed to be doing well. However. they may need to put him back on the breathing ventilater because he isn't breathing well enough today to produce enough oxygen and remove carbon dioxide.
Tucker is in the PICU and doing very well all in all. I am sure those nurses hate to see him there again, but at the same time they love him and give him lots of attention.

Keep Tucker in your thoughts and prayers and Karen or I will be sure and update you as much as possible when we can. If you'd like to leave any comments or well wishes, please do so and I'll make sure she and the family get them.

Alisha Jack

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