Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Tucker Is Home!

Tucker got to come home tonight. We were dismissed about 700pm. We had to get some oxygen set up in the house before we could come home. YUP, he refuses to give it up yet but is doing well enough to come home and finish his recovery here. The home health nurse will be put back on board for a month until after our cardiology visit in June. We have follow up appointments next Thursday for all the usual tests, EKG, Echo, chest xray, etc. to ensure everything is healing and going in the right direction. Tuck was cranky all day long, not sure why. He seems to be happy to be home, just laying on the couch chillin'. We have stuff all over the house once again. Monitors and now a roll of nasal hose that connects Tuck to the oxygen from our room. We are hoping to only have the oxygen for a month at the most. They say that coming home on oxygen isn't anything to worry about. That this surgery changed Tucker's blood flow and his body takes some time to get used to the new plumbing.......I can understand that, just never came home on it before, kinda didn't want to this time either. It is nice to be home-UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE CENTURY!!


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